CZ 527 trigger disassembly

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CZ 527 trigger disassembly

Postby mshelton » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:40 am

I'll post this on other sights but I know there are some tinkers here.

Have any of you ever removed the actual trigger blade from a 527, I'd like to try a different spring. Seems the trigger pin on mine is pressed or mushroomed on both sides and may not be easily removed (part #40 in the manual), I tapped on it a few times without it budging and didn't want to go any further before doing some research.

The set trigger is nice and have replaced the spring there and it's adjusted light and creepless but I'm just not a fan of the overtravel present with set triggers, I don't like having things fly loose when the trigger breaks. I have the normal trigger set down and it feels great, no creep or over travel but the spring is the main thing keeping it from being a great trigger and I'm hoping to replace it, maybe also shim the sides of the trigger blade to eliminate lateral movement.


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