Dies and brass

Share information about reloading the .204 Ruger.
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Dies and brass

Post by jsh » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:23 pm

Well folks I rolled through the favorite loads thread. That is a dandy by the way, many thanks from me, all involved should be proud of that. A lot of good info.
I am curious as to what folks are having luck with in regaurds to dies and brass.
Bushings are the way to go from my experience, as long as the gun responds well to it. There are numerous ways to skin a cat so to speak.
When there are various guns with the same chambering, each one will have to be taylored to that specific one.
So I myself am not going to chase bushing sizes around.
I have had good results with the Lee collet die in the past. Is this working for most across the board?
I like Forster dies, especially their seater design. I have seen mixed opinions on micrometer dies.
I was pretty much gifted a large bunch of Hornady 204 once fired brass. I had planned on using it, but see mixed feelings on it. I have not done much checking on what I have.
Is it worth trying some of the other brass out there?


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Re: Dies and brass

Post by randyman » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:00 am

Just as everyone has their own favorite load that shoots good in their rifle, I think we all have our favorite reloading equip. that we are use to using. I have a Redding full length sizer die and an RCBS seater die. I also have the RCBS neck sizer die for my bolt action gun but have to full length size for my AR. Next on my wish list is the RCBS competition seater die with the micrometer adjustment.
If you want to get rid of that nasty ol' Hornady brass let me know. I'm not shooting match competition for the big money, just shooting a bunch a squirrels out in the sage. Randy.

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Re: Dies and brass

Post by Bill K » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:29 pm

I started out with C & H dies, back in around 1954 along with a C & H C-press (still have and use it) But now also have RCBS rockchuker and RCBS Summit presses. Have, over the years added RCBS, Hornady, Lee and Whidden dies. They all work and have a place in the reloading hobby. I mostly neck size so have bushing dies for use on several of the cartridge's I shoot. As for brass, probably have used every brand. But still seem to favor Rem, Win and military size for a given use.
Do use Nosler and like it also. They also, all have a place, but each person does have favorites and will toot how this or that one is better than the other. Like blondes over redheads, for the most part, too each his own.
Main thing is see what you favor and go with it. Bill K

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